GENERAL Neuropsychological SERVICES

In general, the neuropsychological evaluation can include an assessment of intelligence, attention, language, processing speed, working memory, visual and verbal memory, organization, problem-solving, reasoning, spatial awareness, academic skills, mood, and personality. Tests will be selected on an individual basis based on the questions that need to be answered.

Our evaluations  typically involve

  • Paper and pencil tests as well as computerized tests. Testing times can range anywhere from 3-8 hours
  • A detailed background interview with the client and other informants (e.g., parents, spouses, teachers)
  • Web-based and/or paper-and-pencil questionnaires for the client, family members, and/or teachers to complete that cover a range of cognitive, personality, and behavioral symptoms
  • A review of relevant records (e.g., medical records, neuroimaging reports, academic records, any previous standardized testing)
  • A comprehensive neuropsychological report that includes a summary of relevant background information, detailed results of each test and cognitive domain, a summary of findings, and in-depth recommendations tailored to each individual's strengths and weaknesses.
  • A feedback session

Click on each of the following evaluation types to learn more about specific types of evaluations: ADHD, Concussion, FAA, Independent Medical Examinations, Decision Making Capacity Evaluations, and Career Assessment and College Planning, NFL BAP Assessment.