Main Goal

Silicon Valley Assessment specializes in FAA Aeromedical Assessment for both commercial and general aviation pilots. We provide CogScreen AE and comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations as required by the FAA and the HIMS program to obtain a special issuance medical certificate for conditions including:

FAA regulations require all neuropsychological assessments to be conducted by board-certified or board-eligible neuropsychologists. Dr. Lauren Drag and Dr. Maya Yutsis are the only two HIMS neuropsychologists in Northern California who are board-certified in neuropsychology by ABPP. We have completed formal training by the HIMS certification program and in CogScreen-AE.

We will work closely with the various clinicians involved in your medical certification process. When AME and psychiatric services are needed, we collaborate with HIMS Psychiatrist, Dr. Scott Johnson, and HIMS AME and Psychiatrist, Dr. Chad Burgdorff, to increase the efficiency of completing each of your requirements. Both Dr. Johnson and Dr. Burgdorff have independently owned and managed practices. 

We enjoy working with airmen, air traffic controllers, and aircrew on both a personal and professional level. Dr. Drag is married to a pilot who flies for both the Air Force and a major US carrier.  Dr. Yutsis has worked with active duty and veteran pilots for many years through her work at the Palo Alto and Minneapolis VA.

We know that obtaining a special issuance medical certificate can be a stressful, time-consuming, and challenging process. We will work closely with each airman to ensure that this process runs as smoothly, quickly, and efficiently as possible.

Below are some tips to make this process more efficient:

  1. Please contact us as soon as you know that you need an evaluation. We understand that it is important for you that this process proceeds quickly and we will schedule your evaluation as soon as possible.

  2. Please send us a copy of your letter from the FAA once you receive it. Based on this letter, we will tailor our evaluation to the exact requirements specified by the FAA.

  3. Please request that a copy of your FAA medical file (this does not need to be the Blue Ribbon Medical Record) be sent directly to us (Fax: 855-557-8583).

  4. We will also need you to sign an Authorization of Release to obtain information from other relevant individuals, such as your AME, psychiatrist, chief pilot, etc. You will also be emailed an intake form at the time you schedule an appointment. It is important that you bring all completed forms with you to your appointment to minimize any delays in the process.

These evaluations are not covered by insurance. We suggest contacting your airline (if applicable) regarding any cost-sharing options they may offer.

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