Silicon Valley Assessment provides tailored clinical and forensic neuropsychological evaluations for adolescents and adults.


Dr. Maya Yutsis and Dr. Lauren Drag are board-certified neuropsychologists with extensive specialty training in neuropsychology, the study of brain and behavior relationships.

Our neuropsychological evaluations are designed to provide an objective, comprehensive assessment of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. We have extensive training and expertise with a range of medical, neurological, developmental, and psychological conditions. Given the diversity of the clients we see, we adopt a one-size-does-not-fit-all approach and work closely with each client to tailor each assessment to directly answer the questions being asked. Looking beyond just the scores, we integrate multiple sources of information to obtain a well-rounded, holistic picture of each client. Our goal is to identify the many possible factors that may be affecting functioning at home, work, or school and then provide detailed, individualized recommendations to help each client achieve his or her maximum potential. 


What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation

Multiple abilities contribute to cognitive functioning, including intellectual abilities, attention, personal learning style, memory, academic skills, speed or processing, problem solving, emotional functioning, personality, and vocational/college interests.  

Neuropsychological evaluations can provide an in-depth and data-driven assessment of your individual cognitive strengths and weaknesses, recommendations and strategies to fully optimize your success at school, at work, and at home. Learn More →


When should i see a neuropsychologist

  • You (or your child) are noticing cognitive difficulties that are affecting your performance at work or school and you want to learn more about the underlying cause 
  • You have taken a break from work or school due to injury or health issues and wonder whether you are ready to return
  • You are noticing increased forgetfulness and you are unsure whether this is normal for your age?  Learn More →