When should I see a neuropsychologist?


  • You (or your child) are noticing cognitive difficulties that are affecting your performance at work or school and you want to learn more about the underlying cause 

  • You (or your child) are not able to keep up with work or school responsibilities and you are wondering whether accommodations may be needed

  • You (or your child) have experienced changes in thinking, personality, or mood following an injury (e.g., concussion) or a health condition (e.g., stroke, depression, substance abuse) 

  • You have taken a break from work or school due to injury or health issues and wonder whether you are ready to return 

  • You would like to learn more about your cognitive strengths and weaknesses

  • You would like to learn more about best treatment approaches for you (e.g., behavioral strategies, cognitive therapy, medications)

  • There are concerns about decision-making capacity in older adults (e.g., difficulty managing finances, vulnerability to financial scams, who should be appointed as Power of Attorney and why)

  • You are noticing increasing memory lapses, you have more difficulty recalling people's names, or people close to you have mentioned that you are more forgetful and you are unsure whether this is normal for your age

  • You need more information about your (or your child's) memory and thinking abilities to guide both short-term and long-term planning (e.g., living accommodations, college/vocational choices, ability to drive)