Dr. Yutsis and Dr. Drag have extensive research and clinical experience with concussion and traumatic brain injury assessment, management and treatment.

Dr. Yutsis is a Team Neuropsychologist for San Francisco 49ers and a Lead Neuropsychologist for Stanford Athletics.

Dr. Drag and and Dr. Yutsis have authored 11 peer-reviewed publications and 2 book chapters on this specific subject.

Dr. Drag and Dr. Yutsis are currently the attending and lead neuropsychologists in the Stanford Concussion Clinic and Stanford Sports Medicine Clinic where they provide concussion services to NCAA and NFL players, amateur athletes, and non-athletes.They have also worked within the Polytrauma Rehabilitation Center at the VA Palo Alto, VA Minneapolis and the Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic at the VA Ann Arbor. 


These brief 60-90 minute evaluations are designed to

  • Objectively measure cognitive functioning following concussion

  • Assist with decision-making regarding returning to play/school/work

  • Provide guidance on what to expect during the recovery process

  • Monitor progress over time through serial assessments (as warranted)

  • Identify other medical, environmental, or psychological factors that may be impacting recovery (e.g., headaches, poor sleep, untreated mood symptoms)

  • Provide recommendations, which may include treatment interventions, behavioral strategies, and temporary academic or occupational accommodations as warranted


These targeted evaluations will focus on cognitive domains most typically affected by concussion, including:

  • Processing speed

  • Attention

  • Working memory

  • Learning and memory

  • Visual scanning

  • Complex attention (e.g. multitasking)

We understand the time-sensitive nature of these injuries and thus will provide immediate, in-person results and feedback at the conclusion of the testing session.