Independent Medical Examinations/ 


Main Goal

If there is a dispute about your medical status in your workers’ compensation, disability or medico-legal case, a third party (e.g. the insurance company, attorney, etc..) may ask you to undergo an evaluation with a doctor of their choosing. 

Nature of questions being answered:

  • Need for treatment
  • Performance and functional status and permanency
  • Court testimony for workers compensation
  • Examination for case reopening
  • In the case of medico-legal evaluation, cases can last for many months to years. We provide continuous support for the duration of the case including the following services: 
    • Evaluation of the patient and review of relevant records
    • Expert opinion report
    • Deposition
    • Court testimony
    • Telephone consultations 
    • Second opinion record review
In all of these cases, our client is the third party who requested the evaluation.

The third party who has requested the evaluation will be receiving the final report which will include all of the details of the evaluation including the results of testing and our recommendations.