NFL BAseline assessment program

Dr. Lauren Drag and Dr. Maya Yutsis are part of the network of Qualified BAP Providers that provide BAP neuropsychological assessment examinations to Retired NFL Football Players. 

This assessment is part of the settlement reached by the NFL with retired players. To find out more details about the nature of this settlement, whether you qualify to participate, and how to participate in the program, please visit the official website for the NFL BAP Program.

The evaluation


  • All scheduling requests should be directed to NFL Concussion Settlement; we do not perform any direct scheduling of initial appointments.

  • Please contact us if you have any questions about your scheduled appointment or need further information or directions.

  • Once your initial evaluation is scheduled by the BAP administrator, we will contact you via email and will send you the required forms to complete prior to your appointment.

Assessment Day

The evaluation will start at 9am. Please plan to be there for most of the day. The testing will consist of:

  • A detailed interview with the Player. It is also helpful to bring a family member or friend who knows you well to provide additional information. It is important to us that we gather as much information as possible to understand your circumstances.

  • A set of standardized paper-and-pencil and computerized cognitive measures as required by the BAP.

Please bring to the appointment:

  • Your completed intake form. This should be emailed to you ahead of time but can also be downloaded here.

  • A sworn affidavit completed by an individual who is not a family member but who knows you well. The requirements and the form for this affidavit can be found here.

  • Drinks and snacks. We will stop for a lunch break but there are no vending options in the office building.

Please note that there is a $250 fee for any no-shows or any cancellations less then 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. The Player is responsible for paying this fee.