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Silicon Valley Assessment provides tailored clinical and forensic neuropsychological evaluations for adolescents and adults.


Clinical neuropsychologist are experts in brain-behavior relationships that are often impact in many neurological, medical, and psychiatric illnesses.

Dr. Maya Yutsis and Dr. Lauren Drag are board-certified neuropsychologists with extensive specialty training in neuropsychology. They use an evidenced-based approach to provide a comprehensive and integrated assessment that is tailored to directly address your questions and goals.  

We know that any testing situation can be anxiety provoking for both the client and their family. We will guide and support you through the process, answer any questions prior to starting the evaluation, and make sure that this process is as clear and as helpful as it can be.  

Given the diversity of our expertise, we work with each client to tailor the evaluation to directly answer questions being asked. We also tailor our recommendations specifically to your needs, concerns, and interests.


What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation

A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment consists of a battery of tests that measure abilities across cognitive, emotional, and social functioning domains to assist with diagnosis, treatment planning, cognitive training recommendations, return to work, school accommodations. Learn More →


When Should I undergo a Neuropsychological Evaluation

  • Noticing increased forgetfulness or difficulty paying attention at work or school?
  • You were involved in an accident and wondering if you had a concussion? Learn More →